The Master's Touch

Tony Vis

READ : Luke 5:12-16

Here we see a compassionate Jesus healing a man “covered with leprosy.” We are struck by the method of healing Jesus used. His usual method was to speak a word of healing. This time Jesus “reached out his hand and touched” the leper. Jesus touched a man whom no one else dared to touch for fear that they might catch the dread disease. Jesus touched a man whom the religious authorities had declared untouchable a man who had been banned from living in his community. Jesus touched a man whose heart must have yearned for another’s human touch. Immediately the man was healed!

Notice how the leper approached the Master. He came with boldness, yet in reverence. He came to this Rabbi even though he would never have considered approaching any of the other religious leaders. He sawsomething in Jesus or he had heard something about Jesus that convinced him this Rabbi was different. This Rabbi would not hide from him or treat him with disgust. This Rabbi would treat him with love and respect. He came boldly and was not disappointed.

He came in reverence. He assumed the position of worship at the feet of the Master, as if he sensed that to be in the presence of Jesus was to be in the presence of the Most High God. He was right!


Thank You, Jesus, for making it clear that nothing can separate us from Your loving, healing touch. Amen.