Joy in Christ's Presence!

Tony Vis

READ : Luke 5:33-39

Jesus and His disciples are having too much fun in their religion. Their attitude of joy and celebration offends the scribes and Pharisees who think that looking sad-faced is the key to true worship.

Jesus’ response to their question is penetrating. He says, “You’re the ones who have misunderstood God. You’re the ones who don’t have any idea as to what true worship really is. You think it’s a funeral, but it’s not; it’s a festival. It’s like a wedding and I’m the bridegroom. In the presence of the bridegroom you wouldn’t fast, you’d feast. You wouldn’t walk around with somber and solemn looks on your faces, you’d celebrate and rejoice.”

Today’s Bible reading reminds us that the church is a place for joy, not a place for somber faces. When Jesus comes to church on Sunday,He wants to party with His people, celebrate God’s love, and praise the Father in heaven who is the source of all things good. That doesn’t mean the people of Jesus stop confronting sin and evil. Nor that we bury our heads in the sand and ignore the important social issues of our time. It simply means that even when we deal with controversy and confrontation, we do so in the context of love and joy, celebration and praise, acceptance and grace, hope and peace.


Lord, thanks for the joy that comes with following You. Put a smile on my face that will draw others to Your side. Amen.