True Humility

Tony Vis

READ : Luke 7:1-10

The world-renowned pianist, Ignace Paderewski, visited a museum in Vienna to inspect a piano once used by Beethoven. Paderewski’s friends pleaded with him to play the instrument. Imagine their surprise when he said, “No, no. I am not worthy.” Paderewski had a sense of awe in the presence of that which symbolized Beethoven’s work. His words “I am not worthy” were not meant to put himself down so much as to lift Beethoven up. That is true humility.

The centurion had a sense of awe, respect, and reverence in the presence of Jesus. He knew where the focus of attention belonged: on Jesus. “But say the word, and my servant will be healed.” Jesus, I may not be worthy and my servant may not be worthy, but I know that won’t matter to you. You are a man full of mercy, compassion and understand-ing even for outsiders like myself and my servant. You have the author- ity and the power to but speak a word from a distance and my servant will be healed. You can do it, Jesus! I know You can do it! So do it. Not because I deserve it I don’t. Not because I am worthy I am not. Do it because my servant needs it. Do it because You can! Do it because You are a man of mercy.

And Jesus was “amazed” at the man’s faith!


Father, grant to me a humble heart and a faith to trust You in all the circumstances of life. Amen.