From the Inside Out!

Tony Vis

READ : Luke 6:37-49

Violence is on the minds of people today. There is an undercurrent of fear running through our culture. In the state where I live, the crime rate doubled during the decade of the 1980s while population dwindled. What can we do? One place to begin is with these words of Jesus. He reminds us that who we are on the inside determines how we act on the outside. Violence comes from the inside out! If we are to confront the current trend in our culture, we must recognize that the battle ground is within us. The human heart is the problem. It is a spiritual war we are caught up in, a war we seem to be losing, but a war we can yet win with God’s help.

We will win the war when humanity learns to distinguish between truth and falsehood. At verse 39 Jesus makes reference to “the blindleading the blind.” It is a picture of one blind person groping in his blindness, pulling another blind person along with him until both fall into a deadly pit! We need an all-seeing Guide, Jesus Christ. He is God’s Truth for a lost world. Jesus is the Truth that transforms, that makes people different on the inside. Then it is only a matter of time before people become different on the outside. Let’s invite the world to embrace Jesus and to be transformed by His loving Spirit!


Lord, You have entrusted us with the truth about Jesus. Give us the courage to proclaim the truth with boldness. Amen.