Are You Satisfied ?

Tony Vis

READ : Luke 9:10-17

The poet Shelley, still young, died a tragic death. He wrote of a strange thing that happened to him. In the middle of the night he became aware of another presence in his bedroom. Opening his eyes, he seemed to see a figure, with face covered. As the figure passed his bedside, it spoke three words: “Are you satisfied?” As Shelley gazed upon the face, he realized that it was his own face. It was as if from deep within himself there came the question, “Are you satisfied with yourself as you are?” We all long to be satisfied. We all long for peace of mind. Today’s Bible story tells us where to find it.

It is a wonderful miracle, this feeding of the 5,000. I don’t have the slightest idea how Jesus did it, but I know what the miracle means for us today: it says that Jesus still cares, and He alone can satisfythe longings in us all. You cannot find ultimate satisfaction outside of a relationship with Christ.

Recently, Oprah Winfrey said, “God did not create me to own a couple of BMWs and a television studio! You come to the planet for a spiritual meaning, not for all the things we are told we have come here for.” Yes, Oprah, you’ve got it! And that “spiritual meaning” is found only in a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Lord Jesus, come into my life. Come in to stay. Come in today. Come into my life, Lord Jesus. Amen.