Lord of the Storm!

Tony Vis

READ : Luke 8:16-25

Jesus was disappointed with the reaction of his disciples to the storm that night. His disappointment was not so much with their fear. That was a natural response to a clear danger. Their fear was real and appropriate. Only a fool or a God would not be afraid. Jesus’ disap- pointment with His disciples was because of their lack of faith in His love for them. They thought He didn’t care…and they should have known better. They should have known that Jesus would never let them down. Edwin Markham said, “Whoever falls from God’s right hand is caught into his left.” Wow! That’s the kind of faith Jesus is looking for from those who follow Him. That is the kind of faith that will keep us calm amidst the storms of life we must face.

A farmer had an unusually good crop. A few days before it was readyfor harvest, a terrible storm came. The entire crop was wiped out. After the storm had passed, the farmer and his young son went out onto the porch. The boy looked at what was formerly a beautiful field of wheat and his eyes filled with tears. He looked up at his father expecting to hear words of defeat. Just then his father started to sing softly, “Rock of Ages, cleft for me, let me hide myself in Thee.” That is faith in the Lord of the storm.


Lord of the storm, thank You for keeping me secure in Your love during tough times. In Jesus’ name. Amen.