Jesus and the Madman!

Tony Vis

READ : Luke 8:26-39

Notice the compassion of Jesus focused on one human being. I heard a preacher say, “The idea that God loves the whole world is a thrilling and magnificent idea.” It is! But the greatest idea is that God can focus all of His love on one human being. When Jesus dealt with the madman, His attention was not divided. He focused all of His love on that one human being and his need.

John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son….” That is an incredible thought. The concern of God is GLOBAL! God loves the whole world every nation, every race, every person. But there are times when I need to replace the word world in John 3:16 with my own name and I need to hear, “For God so loved Tony that he gave….” Before I can move beyond myself to be concerned aboutothers, I need to experience God focusing all of His love on me. That experience frees me to be a man for others: to be the husband my wife needs, the father my children need, the son my parents need, the pastor my congregation needs, the concerned Christian brother the hurting multitudes of our world need. Sit quietly for a moment, and say to yourself again, “God loves me! God loves me! God loves me!” Now, go love others.


Lord, I am on Your mind and in Your heart. Thank You for sending Jesus to show how much You care. In His name. Amen.