The Miracle Worker

Tony Vis

READ : Luke 8:40-48

My son Aaron, now 19, was born breached. He came forth from his mother’s womb backwards, and we almost lost him. But God intervened!

I was in the delivery room with my wife to witness this glorious event. All went well until the very end. Suddenly, the doctor began working frantically. The pain for my wife increased considerably. Both of the baby’s arms were lodged over his head, making it impossible for him to come any further down the birth canal. The doctor managed to release the right arm, but the left refused to budge. One of the nurses came to assist. Still, no change. Precious minutes sped by. Aaron’s body turned blue from lack of oxygen. The doctor turned him completely around once, then twice, hoping that would release the arm. But it was no use. This experienced physician had done all he could. Just then, Dr. Farrar lifted his head heavenward and prayed, “O Lord, please help me!” In that instant Aaron’s arm broke free and our son was born. A miracle? That probably depends on your definition. All I know is that God acted and I have a wonderful son. Later, the doctor said this: “I cannot explain it. I had done everything I could think of. The Lord was certainly watching over this one.” He still is!


Lord, teach me to see Your hand at work in the circumstances of my life. Amen.