Life's Ultimate Question

Tony Vis

READ : Luke 9:18-27

Today my father celebrates his 72nd birthday. Happy birthday, Dad! I hope we get to share the day with one another. My father has been a dedicated follower of Christ for many years. A long time ago Dad had to face life’s ultimate question, and make the decision whether or not he would follow Jesus. He said, “Yes!”

On a road just outside of Caesarea Philippi Jesus first asked His disciples life’s ultimate question. This group of 12 had been journeying with Jesus for sometime. They had seen Jesus in action healing the sick, feeding over 5,000 folk with two small fish and five loaves of bread, walking on water, forgiving people of their sins, and much more. Jesus had laid out His teachings before them. He held nothing back. On that road near Caesarea Philippi Jesus popped the question, “Who do you say Iam?” It was a personal question. Each of the twelve had to answer for himself. Peter, who do you say I am? John, who do you say I am?

It is life’s ultimate question. Each must give his or her own answer. My dad could tell me about Jesus, But he could not answer life’s ultimate question for me. I had to give an answer myself. So do you! Today Jesus is asking, “Who do you say I am?” May each of us say, “Lord, You are the Christ of God.”


Lord Jesus, I believe You are the Christ, the Son of God. I give my life to You. I have decided to follow You. Amen.