Dare to Care

Tony Vis

READ : Luke 10:25-37

The hero in Jesus’ story took a risk to help another in need. The fellow at the side of the road could have been a decoy, not really injured but pretending to be so while his robber friends hid behind the rocks waiting for some naive traveler to stop and give aid. The Good Samaritan dared to care.

In Albert Camus’ novel The Fall, a respectable lawyer is walking the streets of Amsterdam one night when he hears a cry in the dark. A prostitute has fallen into the canal and is crying for help. The thoughts churn in his mind. Of course he must help. But, a respected lawyer getting involved in this way? Who knows what the situation is really all about? Could be a scandal in the making. By the time he has thought it through, it is too late. The woman’s cries go silent as shedisappears beneath the waters. The lawyer moves on, making excuses to justify his failure to act. Camus writes, “He did not answer the cry for help. That is the man he was.”

Imagine Jesus in that situation. Without giving it a second thought, I see Him jumping into the waters and pulling the woman to safety. Because that is the man He was. The uniqueness of Jesus has always been that He moved beyond caring to daring beyond the feeling of love to the act of love. And through the story of the Good Samaritan Jesus calls us to that same kind of lifestyle.


Lord, give us the courage to care for others. Amen.