The Priority of Relationships

Tony Vis

READ : Luke 10:38-42

In the story of Martha and Mary, Jesus reminds us that relation- ships are most important. Martha was cooking this great meal. She was all wrapped up in her plan, resentful that Mary was not working just as hard alongside of her, and figuring that, after the meal, she would probably have to do the cleaning up all by herself as well. And Jesus said to her, “Martha, Martha, lighten up, girl! You are concerned about too many things, when only one thing matters. We can eat and clean things up later. Right now, let’s spend some time together caring for one another. Let’s put our relationships first.”

Martha was busy doing a good thing. She wanted to make a nice meal for Jesus and the disciples. Nothing wrong with that! It was a good thing she desired. “But,” said Jesus, “only one thing is needed. Maryhas chosen what is better….” Jesus didn’t say that Martha chose the bad thing and Mary the good thing. No! Mary chose “what is better.” Mary chose to put her focus first on her relationship with Jesus and her relationships with the disciples. Mary understood better than Martha that all of the many other things in life will fall in place when our primary focus is on Jesus and the human relationships that God gives us.


Lord, forgive me for letting so many other things get in the way of my relationships with You and others. Amen.