The Priority of Prayer

Tony Vis

READ : Luke 11:1-13

A story about Northwestern College’s legendary Coach Korver comes to mind. On the occasion of the team traveling to a distant city for a playoff game, Korver was cornered by a reporter. “Coach,” said the reporter, “it has been rumored out here that your football squad always travels accompanied by a pastor to pray for the team’s success. I would like to interview the Chaplain. Would you introduce me to him?” “No problem!” replied Coach Korver. “Which one do you want to meet first, the Offensive, Defensive or Special Teams Chaplain?”

Okay, okay. So it’s just a story! But it gives me the opportunity to remind you about the importance of making prayer a priority in your life. Not because I say so, but because Jesus says so. Jesus was a man of prayer and He encouraged His followers to value prayer as well. In today’s Bible reading, Jesus teaches at least four prayer principles: 1) When you pray, feel free to keep it short. 2) Our Lord’s model prayer focuses from the outset on God not on human need. 3) Jesus teaches us to pray with an awareness of our dependence upon God. 4) Pray with an attitude of expectancy. “For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”


Holy Spirit, as You abide in us, prompt us to pray throughout every day. Amen.