Ready for the Party?

Tony Vis

READ : Luke 12:35-46

Jesus’ story is of a master who goes off to attend a wedding. Jewish weddings in those days were gala affairs that lasted for seven days and nights. The master could tire of the party and return home at any time within that seven-day span. When he returned, he would expect his servants to be waiting and watching with someone awake even at night and with their lamps burning brightly so the doors could be flung open and the master welcomed home.

Here Jesus’ story takes a strange twist that surprised His first- century listeners. Jesus says that if the servants are found alert with their lamps burning, the master would throw a great party for them. In his joy at finding them faithful, the master would become a servant to his servants, put on an apron, prepare a sumptuous meal, sit them at histable, and wait on his servants.

Are you ready for the party that will take place at the end of time? Are you ready for the day when Jesus will return to this earth? Jesus is coming again. The Son of God will return at a time we do not know. When He returns, the great party will begin and will go on throughout eternity. Are you ready for the party? Everyone comes to the party in the same way on their knees in surrender before Jesus. Accept Him as your Savior; confess Him as your Lord; and you will be ready for His coming.


Come into my heart, Lord Jesus. Come in today. Amen.