Repent or Perish!

Tony Vis

READ : Luke 13:1-9

Some folks came to Jesus and put before Him a difficult theological issue. A couple of well-publicized calamities had just occurred and the people wondered what terrible sins these victims had committed that brought the judgment of God down upon them. They assumed the assassi- nated Galileans and the unfortunate workmen from Siloam were terrible sinners who deserved what they got. Jesus’ response was an emphatic, “No way!” The Master utterly denied that the victims of such tragedies were any worse sinners than any one else.

Jesus seizes this moment to speak about the urgency of repentance. It is as if the Master had said, “Look, calamity is no respecter of persons. Bad things are going to happen to good people as well as bad people. But when calamity strikes you or someone you know, you can usethat calamity towards a good purpose. Let it remind you that your life is very breakable! Let the calamity drive you back to God who is Unshakable and Unbreakable.”

Jesus calls His listeners to repentance. Turn from your sinful ways. Turn back to God before it is too late! Our lives are tentative. We are vulnerable. We do not know how long our lives will last. There is an urgent need for each of us to get right with God. Do it now!


Holy God, I have sinned against You and others. Forgive me and cleanse me. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.