The Narrow Door

Tony Vis

READ : Luke 13:22-30

Weeping and gnashing of teeth! Narrow doors and closed doors! Some on the inside and some on the outside! This is not a side of Jesus I prefer. I’d rather hear about the Good Samaritan or the wayward son who returned to the open arms of his loving father. And I would rather write about God’s love and forgiveness and mercy.

So, what am I supposed to do with this narrow door stuff…and this householder who closes the door and refuses to let those on the outside in even though they continue pleading? What am I supposed to do with this side of Jesus? Ignore it? Deny it?

None of the above! I am called to believe it. I think I know what Jesus is saying here. He is saying, “It isn’t enough to be born right; it isn’t enough to have a casual, on-again-off-again relationship withMe. If you want into the kingdom, you will have to come through the narrow door of a right relationship with God through Me and the narrow door of right living before God united to Me.”

Any of us who wants into the kingdom of God will have to come through the narrow door of commitment and surrender to Jesus as Lord over our lives and the narrow door of obedience to the will of God for our lives. What will you decide?


Lord Jesus, I choose to walk through the door of surrender. I am yours! Amen.