Seek First the Kingdom of God

Donna Westrate

READ : Psalm 25:1-22
Matthew 6:33-34

A few years ago I was confronted with a moral dilemma. I was in need of spiritual guidance and instruction but wasn’t quite sure how to go about getting it. I was raised with the strong belief that you can take everything to the Lord, so that is what I began to do, beginning with simple prayers asking God for answers.

It was at this point in my life that I attended a funeral. The pastor officiating at the service spoke what I thought to be an unusual message based on these verses from Matthew 6.

However, as the words sunk in, they cried out with such new meaning to me. I felt so aware of the lack of seeking in my own life. I realized that a devotional life, such as prayer, meditation and Scripture reading, was absent from my activities. I realized that the God I claimed to believe in and trusted with all my heart and soul was pretty much ignored.

Thus began a new lease on life for me as I made time daily to search the Scriptures and to pray, discovering how very close at hand God is. It was like hearing Him say: “Well, woman, it’s about time you seek My face. I am in control so just hand over the reins and I will teach you what true righteousness is all about!”


Lord, help us to become aware of the necessity for daily communion with You, for it is in You that we might see light. Amen.