Embarking on Our Spiritual Journey

Donna Westrate

READ : Matthew 10:32-39

To begin our trip, our first item to pack is prayer. Prayer is the fuel for our journey. We need that constant communication with God as we need gasoline for our engine. Without it we sit in our “human” vehicle and go nowhere. We need to pack the Word as our road map. It aids in keeping us on course and avoiding wrong turns.

The third requirement for our spiritual journey is the Holy Spirit (the ultimate tour guide). If we don’t have an awareness of the Spirit within us, transforming us, we need to humbly beseech our Father to bestow that gift on us. Only as the Spirit works within us do we lose sense of self and are motivated for kingdom work. The spiritual life is like a plane flying on automatic pilot. We’ve given up all controls to our Father, who gave us Jesus as the perfect example of the Christian walk, and gave us the Holy Spirit to enable us to be Christ-like.

We will find ourselves giving without looking for that “pat on the back,” that “monetary reward.” We will give for the glory of God, sharing the good news of Jesus’ love to that nonbeliever and ultimately we will give so that one day we may hear our Lord say, “Come, you who are blessed by my Father: take your inheritance. The Kingdom is prepared for you.” Who could ask for a better goal in life?


Lord, control us and use us for Your glory. Amen.