Our Relationship to God

Donna Westrate

READ : Colossians 3:1-17

God wants to have a very personal relationship with each of us. When we recognize how much we fall short of being all that God wants us to be, we can appreciate more fully the sacrifice of Jesus’ death and its necessity in our lives. Only through His death can we become cleansed and through His resurrection can we begin to live new lives in Christ.

Following our spiritual cleansing, God makes us new creatures, and with the gift of the Spirit, enables us to be one with the Father. The Spirit enables us to rid ourselves of earthly passions and truly seek His righteousness. In my life, it took the breakdown of my marriage for me to come to know God as a very real being. Facing up to my own shortcomings in my marriage brought me to the realization that I had failed God the most.

Standing before God with such an overwhelming sense of remorse, I heard a voice saying, “But I love you anyway, and I have a place prepared for you!” “You do?” was my stunned reaction. What more could a child ask from a Father than the assurance of those precious promises.

So I invite you to come along this month to begin your own very unique journey because each of us is so very precious in His sight.


Lord, Your unconditional love is incredible. Thank You. Amen.