My Dream House

Donna Westrate

READ : John 14:1-13

For many of us, our biggest dream is the kind of house we’ll live in. We plan and save for this dream, sometimes depriving ourselves of treats or vacations to afford our “dream” house. We hire the best architect, draw up extensive blueprints, select the furnishings, etc. Of course our house will require an elaborate burglar alarm system to protect us from would-be trespassers who might have the audacity to take from us our earthly possessions. I’ve seen such dream homes destroyed in an instant by the forces of nature such as earthquakes, fires, or tornados. Earthly houses are nice, but do not last.

My dream house is special. It can never be destroyed. It is a mansion with many rooms. It is bright and sunny. The design is perfect, as I have the best architect. The occupants are overflowing with love for one another and giving praise to its owner. There is no sadness. No need for a burglar alarm system because none can enter without the key. The house is costly, more money than I could ever save in a lifetime, and yet it’s free to me as the price has been paid. I don’t need insurance because nothing can destroy it. It is made from pure gold. It’s my heavenly home and I hope to see you there.


Lord, don’t let me get too comfortable in this world that I won’t be ready when You call me to my dream home. Amen.