Too Busy for God

Donna Westrate

READ : Luke 10:38-42

Does this story touch your heart? I know my own life has been much like Marthas. We could conjure up many excuses for not sitting at Jesus’ feet contemplating His teachings. For me, I always had food to prepare, a house to clean, favorite television shows to watch, the newspaper or a choice novel to read. For some of you, it might be deadlines to meet, a sale you could make, the lawn that needs mowing and the list can go on.

I’ve always admired Mary in this story because she epitomized someone who had her priorities in order. Her first desire was to sit at Jesus’ feet and be consumed by His words and teachings. She truly knew the meaning of seeking first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness. I’ve discovered that to be a true follower of Christ and to stay on the “Christ” path we must prioritize. It is more important to feed our spiritual selves than it is to feed our physical side. Our spiritual needs are far greater in God’s eyes than our physical.

We spend much time promoting good health for our bodies such as “eating right” and physical fitness programs. Do we promote our spiritual well-being as well through daily prayer, Bible reading, etc.? I think we truly need to take stock of our priorities.


Father, grant us health to our spirits through daily communion with You. Through Jesus Christ. Amen.