Manna from Heaven

Donna Westrate

READ : Exodus 16:1-15

Years ago at a difficult period in my life, material things were in short supply. I can recall moaning and groaning because all I had in my refrigerator was a bowl of rice. As I reflect back to that particular situation, I am able to see it with a little more clarity. I wasn’t too happy with that little bowl of rice. Why? Because I wanted filet mignon. I wanted lobster. Why? Because I always want more than my body requires, thus presenting me with a weight problem. I need to learn to eat to the glory of God, which means I need to eat to sustain myself, not for my own indulgence.

Much of our life is centered on acquiring the superfluous instead of feeding on the true manna. As Paul so wonderfully states, “I have learned to be content in everything.” What a difficult lesson to learn. If all our earthly treasures were removed, would we have the courage to trust the Lord for His provisions? I know from personal experience how little we really need to sustain ourselves and how generously God provides. How much of God’s grace we lose when we look for more than He has supplied. The secret of contentment is knowing God provides everything we need on a daily basis. Accept this fact and you will never know the meaning of want.


Lord, Thank You for providing for our every need. May we learn the secret of contentment. Amen.