Image Bearers

Donna Westrate

READ : Matthew 6:25-34

We call ourselves Christians, which sets us apart as being “Christ”- like. When we adopt that name we give ourselves a pretty awesome responsibility.

Sometimes it’s apparent, however, that our behavior really exemplifies more of the Pharisee’s way of life; paying strict attention to God’s laws (in a superficial way), going to church faithfully on Sunday (again, in a superficial way), finding all the faults in others rather than removing the log out of our own eye.

Jesus was constantly criticized by the churchgoers of His day. Reflecting on this, I wonder how many of us would recognize Jesus today as our Savior and Lord if He walked among us with His band of companions who weren’t exactly the elite or upper crust of society.

Jesus said, “I have come to save sinners, not the righteous,” because the righteous have no need of a Savior. In this month’s devotional, I would like us to reflect on how we can rid ourselves of the “superficiality” of our Christian walk and focus on wearing the true apparel of “righteousness.”

As we continue this month’s chapter of our spiritual journey, let us ask for the Spirit of Christ to dwell in our hearts and souls and thus enable us to do some spiritual housecleaning!


O Lord Jesus, open our hearts and our minds, with the help of Your Holy Spirit, so that we can be worthy bearers of the name “Christian.” Amen.