Donna Westrate

READ : Matthew 7:13-14

Life offers two pathways: the way of the world, whose road is broad, seeking our own glory, or the way of the Spirit, which is narrow, whose sole purpose is to glorify God. We love instant gratification. We pursue things that give us momentary pleasure. The desires of our flesh rather than the desires of the spirit control the way we live. Jesus says we must be born again, giving ourselves over to the desires of the Spirit. That is a difficult commitment because it requires us to empty ourselves of our own ambitions and ask God to place within us His desires for us.

As I became more aware of God’s presence, I realized I had to do a lot of housecleaning. I had allowed cigarettes, caffeine, food, TV, novels and the like to control my time. I had no time left for God.

Slowly, God worked in my life and I began to set aside a daily time for prayer and Scripture reading. The more time I devoted to this activity, the less I wanted from those other pleasures, and thus began a true hunger for righteousness and a conscious awareness of God. I have become more selective in choosing activities that feed my soul and give God the glory,


Dear Father, help us to discover true happiness by being where You want us to be, doing what You want us to do. Amen.