You Can't Serve God and Man

Donna Westrate

READ : Matthew 6:19-24

We must always be aware of road signs, so as not to get lost on our life journey. We need to avoid signs that are predominantly influenced by self, namely the “I want to be a success,” the “I want to be wealthy,” and the “I want to be happy” signs. These goals are not necessarily wrong. However, to attain them, we rely strictly on our own control and our own desires.

The road we need to travel, the way of the Spirit, is one in which we place ourselves in God’s control and we eagerly seek His desires for us.

Jesus instructs us to set our sights on heavenly things and not on things of this world. He states, “Seek ye first my kingdom and all these things shall be added unto you.” “These things” include where you will live, the clothing you need, the transportation required, and so on. God provides for our every need. The Christian is asked to live by faith. The road of the flesh is the way of the devil. It looks so rewarding, but it ultimately leads to emptiness, loneliness and death. The road of the Spirit may initially seem so challenging, so denying of one’s own needs and not exactly the way we want to go. However, you will discover great rewards, and not just at the end of the journey. You will find real life, joy and peace throughout the trip.


Help us, Father, to discover that perfect road You wish us to follow, the road that loses self and finds life, through Jesus Christ. Amen.