God Wants to be Numero Uno

Donna Westrate

READ : Exodus 20:3-4
Mark 12:30

We can read the title of this meditation and say to ourselves, “Of course God is number one in my life. I don’t worship any other gods.”

You might ask, “How would I recognize other gods in my life?” I suggest that whenever we allow any kind of activity or desire to have more control than God does, we have allowed other gods into our life.

I know in my own life, I could spend hours in front of the TV set, but not 10 minutes alone with God. I was also a slave to nicotine and caffeine as well. I could not go for an hour without one or the other, but I could go days without feeding on God’s Word or prayer.

I realized God was telling me that I had quite a few other gods I needed to rid myself of in order for Him to take control. I discovered an added blessing when I chose to relinquish my “bad habits” for the purpose of serving God better. He gave me tremendous assistance once I made the choice, to the point of removing the desires from me.

When we earnestly examine ourselves and discover those other little “gods” and willingly choose to relinquish them by taking the first step of self-denial, we will discover the incredible grace of God as He comes to our assistance.


Help us, Father, to recognize the many “other” gods in our life that prevent us from having a full and free relationship with You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.