Letting Go Letting God

Donna Westrate

READ : Luke 19:41-44
Luke 22:39-44

How Jesus’ heart must have grieved when viewing the world around Him. In our passage of Luke 19, Jesus mourns for Jerusalem and her unbelief. I’m sure He was mourning for all who hear the Word but do not believe. How His heart must have grieved with the awareness He possessed, that because of this spiritual decay, He had been sent to endure such suffering and shame, all for sinful humanity. How He must have prayed for daily wisdom and strength.

I’m always reminded of Jesus’ true humanity when He prayed in the garden, with great drops of blood on His forehead as He beseeched the Father that His cup of suffering would be removed. His human side did not want to endure the pain, the shame, the rejection and the ultimate death on the cross, and yet He submitted His will totally to God.

How often we’ve offered up similar prayers. As the cup of suffering was not removed in Jesus’ case, so in our particular situation the suffering and heartache may not be removed either. But what a tremendous comfort to know that as Jesus was given strength from His heavenly Father to endure, so we too are given strength and comfort. He also gives us an amazing sense of His presence.


Father, help us to go to You with our needs, knowing that You know our suffering, having watched Your only Son die on a cross for us. In His name. Amen.