The Good Shepherd

Donna Westrate

READ : John 10:1-21

We are all lost and wandering sheep, frightened, storm-tossed and vulnerable to all the evils and pitfalls this earthly life affords. But there is a gate that allows us to obtain safe and abundant pasture, a haven from a storm-tossed sea, protecting us from the evils lurking about, seeking to devour us.

The gate, of course, is Jesus, our Lord and Savior, who has delivered us from all evil through His atoning death, giving us the “whiteness” of lamb’s wool.

That gate is connected to a fence which provides the fortress, allowing us to stay within the green pastures and preventing us from wandering off to do our own thing. The fence, of course, is our Father’s almighty hand, His almighty Word and His almighty love dwelling within us, through the power of His Holy Spirit. That wonderful pasture and haven is available to all who believe in Jesus as their Savior.

To stay within the sheepfold, we must submit to the will of our shepherd. In so doing, we must rid ourselves of our old wool coat such as malice, envy, slander, discontent, and deviousness. It might even require us to be led along paths we don’t wish to travel. No good shepherd takes his sheep anywhere that isn’t for their ultimate good, and the path he chooses will help bring other sheep into that precious fold.


Lord, we desire that abundant pasture. Help us to recognize the devil’s attempts to wean us from the Christian way. Amen.