Discipline a Necessity in the Christian Walk

Donna Westrate

READ : Hebrews 12:5-11

Discipline from our Father may take various forms, but let me assure you that He certainly gives discipline. How else can He keep His wandering sheep from getting lost? For those He loves, He disciplines.

As parents, if we allow our children to do as they please we will be raising menaces to society.

So, too, as children of our heavenly Father, if we’re allowed to do as we please, we can become terribly lost on our spiritual path. So, along come these little disciplinary actions. Now, we can respond to these bumps along the road with rebellion, as we are so often tempted to do; or we can understand the necessity of them and appreciate them as evidence of God’s great love for us.

Most of us who had parents who exercised discipline in our formative years have a tremendous respect for those parents. I’m referring to Christian discipline. Some of you reading this meditation might have been inflicted with abusive discipline. This is not the kind of discipline our heavenly Father metes out. His discipline refines us, restoring us back on our spiritual pathway. It’s always done for our good, although at the time it might not seem so.


Father, enable us to perceive those times of discipline in our lives so we can ever learn and grow. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.