The Perfect Parent

Donna Westrate

READ : Matthew 7:7-12

In talking with various people, especially those I come in contact with as a nurse on an oncology unit, I hear the question, “How can there be a God?” or, “If there is a God and He’s so loving, how come He let this happen?” or, “Do you think this is fair?”

I’m sure we’ve all had thoughts similar to this if we’re really honest with ourselves, and I couldn’t begin to give any pat answers to life’s questions. I do know this: Our heavenly Father knows our suffering and our needs because this God that we believe in watched His only Son, our precious Savior, die a cruel death on a cross all for our redemption.

When our children injure themselves with a scrape, to whom do they turn? Their parents, of course, seeking a balm for their hurts and cleansing for their wounds. I’ve found God to be that kind of parent as well always there to run to in our time of need.

When a child injures himself, he doesn’t come running to his parents in an accusatory fashion and say, “It’s all your fault! How come you let this happen to me?” No, he comes running for help. In the same vein, God is our loving Father who is always faithful and is waiting with the remedy for all our ailments.


Father, may we never turn away from the one source of true comfort in our life. May we hear You calling when we suffer life’s injuries. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.