Lovers Don't Fear

Merwin VanDoornik

READ : 1 John 4:17-19

Humans are born with three fears: fear of falling, fear of loud noises, and the fear of being abandoned. As we mature, these fears remain with us but change: the fear of falling becomes the fear of failing; the fear of loud noises becomes the fear of any catastrophe; and the fear of being abandoned by parents is extended into the fear of losing family members.

Some fear is good. Fear keeps our hands out of the lion cage. Fear gives us respect for fire and for the ocean waves. Some fears should never leave. And some people are afraid of God. They should be! Anyone who holds my eternal destiny in His hand deserves my awe, my respect, and yes my fear.

But what of those who are God’s children through Jesus, their Savior? He has taught us to look on God not only as Creator and Judge but also as Father: that was His favorite name for the Almighty. And the command He repeated to His disciples more than any other was: “Do not be afraid.”

“My own human father was strict with me,” reported one man. “But I always knew this: my Dad was for me. I respected him but did not have to fear him.” Remember the Father’s love for you; fall in love with Him; and perfect love will drive out fear.


O love that casts out fear, O love that casts out sin, remain no more without but come and dwell within. True sunlight of the soul: surround us as we go; so shall our way be safe: our feet no straying know.” (Horatius Bonar)