To Tell the Truth

Merwin VanDoornik

READ : 2 John 1:1-3

Four times in three verses John mentions “truth.” He had to since he was writing to a lady who had the gift of hospitality and often offered room and board to visiting teachers. In this letter he urges her to also have the gift of discernment so she will welcome only those who taught the truth.

To tell the truth is to report that which is real. Jesus said “I am the truth.” He reported to us and showed us what God is really like, what we are like, how we can become friends of God, and how God wants us to live.

“All the world loves a lover,” we are told, and “There is honesty even among thieves.” But not even a thief likes a liar and all the world does not love a person who plays loose with the truth.

If the number of your friends is becoming less and less it may have nothing to do with your personal hygiene but may have a lot to do with your handling of the truth! Get close to Jesus, the Truth, and you also may hear one of the nicest compliments one person can pay to another: “I can trust you because I know you tell the truth.”


Jesus, “You are the Way: to You alone from sin and death we flee and he who would the Father seek must seek Him, Lord, by Thee. You are the Truth. Your word alone true wisdom can impart; You only can inform the mind and purify the heart.” (George W. D