Good Health to You!

Merwin VanDoornik

READ : 3 John 1:1-2

Once again John writes about traveling teachers. This time the teachers are those sent by John to preach Jesus, the Truth. John begins by praising Gaius who had welcomed these instructors and by wishing him good health. I wish you the same. Here in North America there is no lack of attention for our physical needs. Health care has become a multi-billion- dollar industry.

But John is equally concerned about Gaius’ spiritual health which appeared to be in good condition: “your soul is getting along well.” How about you? (And I’m asking the same of myself because I recall that when I point one finger at you I have three pointing back at me!)

How regularly are you receiving nutrition from the Word? Three times a day plus snacks? (Ouch!)

How often are you taking the vitamins that come through prayer?

And then there’s exercise! (Sorry, but you knew this would be on the list.) Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give cups of cold water in His name, visit those sick and in prison, and make disciples of all nations. Listening to someone give her testimony may give you a temporary high but only doing it yourself puts muscle in the soul.


“Fill me with Your fullness, Lord, until my heart shall overflow in kindling thought and glowing word: Your love to tell, Your praise to show.” (Frances Havergal)