Greater than the Angels

Ron Geschwendt

READ : Hebrews 1:5-14

Angels catch the imagination. Christians have always acknowledged the existence of angels, but more recently angels have become the topic of conversation by people everywhere. Weekly news magazines have made angels the topic of cover stories.

There is an increasing fascination with the spiritual and the mystical. Although angels are a hot commodity, probably most Christians spend little time thinking about them. The idea of angels is found mostly on greeting cards and in the movies. Biblical angels are usually spoken of at Christmas and Easter.

We should know that the Bible assumes their reality. They carry out the commands of God. The word angel appears 250 times in the Bible. Angels announced the birth of Christ; they were at the tomb when Christ arose from the dead. However, Christ is greater than the angels.

Angels minister as those sent by God to serve, but Christ reigns over the world He has created and redeemed. What difference does this make to you? Although Christians have a personal Savior who assumed the nature of a man, He is all-powerful, mighty God, and rules over all, greater than even the angels. This Savior deserves our worship and alle- giance.


Lord Jesus, we give You all honor and praise for Your greatness.