With Great Honor

Ron Geschwendt

READ : Hebrews 3:1-6

Moses was a great spiritual leader of Israel. God called him to help deliver the captive Israelites in Egypt from the strong hand of the Pharaoh. Israel would never forget Moses’ leadership.

Jesus and Moses were both faithful in doing God’s will. But Jesus Christ is declared even greater than Moses in two ways: (1) Moses was a servant, and Christ is a son, and (2) Moses was a part of God’s house, and Christ was over God’s house.

People need heroes and heroines in their lives. Moses was a hero. Even though Israel was fickle and stubborn, Moses remained faithful to his task. On this Good Friday Christ is our hero who willingly suffered the cross for us.

On the opening day of the 1954 baseball season the Milwaukee Braves played the Cincinnati Reds. Two rookies were on the field. The Reds won the game 9-8 as Jim Greengrass hit four doubles in his first major league game. What a start for a young player with a made-for-baseball name! The rookie starting in left field for the Braves went 0 for 5. It was not a great beginning for the home run leader of all time, Henry Aaron. Whatever happened to Jim Greengrass? True heroes last.


Almighty God, we honor Christ who was faithful to the end, and was even greater than Moses. In His name. Amen.