Our Eternal High Priest

Ron Geschwendt

READ : Hebrews 5:1-10

There are three keys on my key chain. One operates my car; another my office door; another opens the door of my house. Only one key will work on my front door. There is only one acceptable way to approach the heavenly Father. It is through Jesus Christ His Son.

Acceptance of human beings by the Father in heaven was made possible because Christ His Son offers Himself in sacrifice for the sins of all those who will believe in Him. When Christ became a man, he suffered, prayed and cried. He experienced what human beings do. He understood sorrow as well as joy. Instead of offering an animal in sacrifice for sins as priests had done before, He offered Himself. David Smith called his book on the life of Jesus, In the Days of His Flesh. What a marvelous title!

In 1994 Thurman Thomas, following his team’s fourth straight Super Bowl loss, sat on the Buffalo bench with his head in his hands. He had played a poor game, having fumbled the ball three times. Standing over him was Emmit Smith of the Cowboys who was just named MVP of Super Bowl 28. Smith was carrying his small god-daughter. He said to her, “I want you to meet the greatest running back in the NFL, Mr. Thurman Thomas.” It was Christ who taught and modeled this kind of humility.


We thank You, Father, for giving Your Son as our high priest. In His name. Amen.