An Anchor of Hope

Ron Geschwendt

READ : Hebrews 6:13-20

Isn’t it amazing that bridges which span water and deep ravines hold together through storms and under great weight? Earlier in this century when the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco was hit by an earthquake, the 65-story suspension towers swayed from side to side. A painter working in the web of cables high above the bridge said, “The quake shook me as if I was a tree in a gale.” Great as the earthquake was it did not damage the Golden Gate bridge because both ends of the bridge were anchored in solid rock. In Christ we have an anchor which holds, sure and steadfast.

Early Christians used the symbol of an anchor to express the certainty of their hope. Driven to the catacombs by persecution, they etched symbols on the walls of the tunnels under the streets of Rome. Here in this rude cradle of the infant church they lived out their faith in Christ, expressing their hope by carving symbols such as a cross, a fish, a palm branch and an anchor. They believed God and embraced His promises.

Everyone experiences the storms of life. They come in forms such as physical illness, abandonment, abuse, emotional distress, and loss of work. Against these storms Christians have their faith anchored in Christ.


Heavenly Father, may my anchor in Christ hold against any storm. In His name. Amen.