On Our Behalf Forever

Ron Geschwendt

READ : Hebrews 7:11-28

From Christ’s unchanging priesthood the salvation Christ accomplishes is complete. Christ offers deliverance from sin. Christ’s priesthood is capable of bringing salvation to all. His priestly work on behalf of people is life changing.

Ever since Channing Mallory became a Christian, it has taken twice as long to drive to work as it did before his conversion. Channing turns his daily commute along Interstate 95 near Richmond into a witness for Christ by stopping to help each time he sees a car in trouble. When he replaced Mr. and Mrs. Quinton Hodge’s flat tire last winter, they discovered Channing had become a Christian in prison after having been arrested in 1976 for writing bad checks. In addition to this highway ministry he visits nursing homes, local prisons and jails. Why does he do this? The reason is simple. He has been set free by Christ and lives to do the will of God.

G. Campbell Morgan, the great Bible teacher, was rejected from the Wesleyan Ministry in 1888 when he failed to preach an adequate sermon before his examiners. He wired to his father one word, “Rejected.” Quickly came the reply, “Rejected on earth. Accepted in Heaven. Dad.” Rejection is usually not permanent in this life, and for Morgan it was not. With Christ there is no rejection.


Thanks be to You, O Christ, for Your work on my behalf forever. Amen.