The Old Has Become New

Ron Geschwendt

READ : Hebrews 8:1-13

God unveiled His heart and will for humankind over a period of time in a written record beginning with the Old Testament and ending in the New Testament. Obviously, then, what is written in the New Testament is more complete than in the Old Testament. The Old was a “copy and shadow” of the New. The New was founded on better promises. The new covenant is explicitly based on the forgiveness of sins. It is universal and written upon the heart.

On one of Paderewski’s early tours in the United States, he was scheduled to play at a time of the year which was notably bad for concerts. Two students at Stanford University had guaranteed him $2,000 for his performance. When the box office took in only $1,600, they turned over the entire amount to Paderewski’s secretary with their apologies. When the renowned pianist was informed of this, he directed the two to pay all their expenses and deduct 20 percent of the gross receipts for themselves. The small remainder would then be his fee. The two young men were determined if ever they could repay the favor, they would do so. Later when Paderewski’s beloved Poland was in great need, one of those students, Herbert Hoover, was instrumental in carrying on a great relief program which saved many lives. It had been written on the heart.


Almighty God, thank You for the old and new covenants. Write them on our hearts. In Jesus’ name. Amen.