The Glory of God

Ron Geschwendt

READ : Hebrews 9:1-10

This past summer in the Rocky Mountains of Montana I witnessed the most glorious rainbows. The color at the end of the rainbows appeared to splash on the ground. At the Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven, Michigan, the fireworks display was spectacular this year. In the power of the sound and the brightness of light the dunes and harbor became majestic. The tabernacle, where God met His people in the wilderness of Sinai, was amazing. Inside that tent were articles of furniture which dazzled the eye, sparking spiritual memory and hope. It must have been an awesome experience when the high priest brought the annual blood sacrifice to the Holy of Holies.

God’s glory is witnessed not only in His creation but also in His personal presence. If His glory were not partially veiled no one could live in the face of it. Christ opens the door to God’s glory for humankind.

In 1806 Franz Joseph Haydn heard his oratorio The Creation performed in Vienna. He came this last year of his life in a wheelchair. The audience was electrified by his presence. When the orchestra and chorus reached full power in, “And there was light,” the audience applauded. Moved by this response Haydn struggled to his feet, raised his hands, and cried, “No, no, not from me but from Heaven comes all!” There is the glory.


God we praise You for Your glory in Christ. Amen.