God's Will is Done

Ron Geschwendt

READ : Hebrews 10:1-11

The writer of Hebrews, with convincing argument, has shown that the blood of Christ is the sacrifice we all need. Now, in this chapter, emphasis is put on the once-for-all character of that sacrifice. If people follow only the teaching of the Old Testament, they see shadow and not substance. The real thing is in Christ. To leave Christ for Judaism would be to abandon substance for the shadow.

The argument is clinched with an appeal to the Scripture record of Psalm 40:6-9. Animal sacrifices ultimately are not capable of taking away people’s sins. However, it is the will of God that there is an atonement made for sin. Christ’s perfect sacrifice of Himself fulfills God’s will as animal sacrifices could never do.

As Christ did the will of God perfectly by going to the cross on our behalf, so Christians do the will of God out of obedience and love. In his Journal, John Wesley writes, “Today I visited one who was ill in bed. She had buried seven of her family in six months, and had just learned that her husband was lost at sea. I asked, `Don’t you fret at any of these things?’ She answered with a loving smile on her pale cheeks. `Oh, no! How can I fret at anything which is the will of God?… He has given me Himself. I have learned to love and praise Him. . . .’”


O Christ, You deserve all honor for doing the will of God perfectly. Amen.