The Reality of Faith

Ron Geschwendt

READ : Hebrews 11:1-7

Faith is more than the alternative when reason fails. Faith looks to something other than itself. The Hebrews writer says it is even “certain of what we do not see.” To prove this he points to the faith of Abel, Enoch and Noah. Moffatt saw three directions in the Christian’s hope: first, a belief in God against the world. He saw that it is better to suffer with God than to prosper with the world; second, belief in the Spirit against the senses. The senses tell us to grasp the moment, while the Spirit tells us there is something beyond; third, belief in the future against the present. Faith has the long view. Nero once condemned the apostle Paul. Now many years have passed, and parents call their sons Paul and their dogs Nero. An uncertain and even problematical future is made sure by the promises of God.

Faith is what prompts a Mother Theresa to reach out to the poor because God said it should be done. Faith believes what is done now lasts forever. Faith believes the Christian will see God at death. God is seen with the spiritual eye as clearly as a sunset is seen with the physical eye. Though things crumble about us, faith knows God is in control.


O God, help me to see You always with the spiritual eye of faith. Through Jesus Christ. Amen.