The Man Moses

Ron Geschwendt

READ : Hebrews 11:20-30

Moses appears bigger than life. He led the nation of Israel out of years of bondage in Egypt. He became revered by the Jewish people. He gave up a high social position in Egypt in order to liberate his people. Israel rallied around his unselfish leadership as he took this young nation out of the shadows of the pyramids dry foot across the Red Sea through the Sinai desert to a new land of promise.

The leadership he gave did not just happen. He heeded the voice of God in his life. Early on he stood at the fork of the road, and made the right decision. He abandoned the riches of Pharaoh’s court on behalf of his suffering people. All of us come to forks in the road which will determine our future. Some turn to the right and others to the left. Others refuse to move, and dry up from indecision.

In Moses’ choice, as in all decisions, there were two parts. He said, “No.” He refused the pleasures of Egypt. He said, “Yes.” He defended his people, and guided them to a new land. Followers of Christ need to say “no” to that which is wrong, and “yes” to that which is right and good. The choice is darkness and sin or light and righteousness.


O Lord, deliver me from indecision. Help me choose Your path. In Jesus’ name. Amen.