Ron Geschwendt

READ : Hebrews 12:14-28

Christians need to live as belonging to God. They are not to take their standards from the ungodly, but are to live with holiness. They need a greater fear of displeasing Christ than of displeasing the world. Christians have affection toward others, while abhorring lying, cheating and coveting. They seek first the kingdom of God while holding on to things about them with a loose hand.

A cartoon shows a man kneeling before an altar. A cross is in the background. The man is praying, “O Lord, help us feed the starving people of the world.” In the next panel the scene is unchanged, but now he is praying, “O Lord, we pray for an end of war in the world.” In the third panel, the man is down on all fours before the altar, and the caption reads, “O Lord, bring peace among the races and make us live as brothers, one with another.” But then in the fourth panel, a shock; the picture has radically altered. A lightning bolt has pierced the altar, the stones from the altar have fallen all about the young man. He has an astonished expression on his face. The caption reads, “Do it yourself, you clod!”

Holiness is not just a badge for the super-pious. It is the dress of all Christians. “Without holiness no one will see the Lord” (12:14).


O Christ, give us the resolve and conviction to live holy lives. Amen.