Free for Him

Ron Geschwendt

READ : Hebrews 13:17-25

A seventy-year-old man who had spent most of his life in prison was offered a parole. In tears, he rejected the offer, explaining that he had lived so long in prison he would not know how to live in the outside world. He did not want the responsibility for his life. It is possible that a person can be a prisoner of a certain lifestyle so long that the person self-destructs. There are those who get caught up in the trappings of the Christian faith who are bound only by its rules, living without freedom. They prefer routine or ignorance to freedom.

Faith is to be dynamic, lived out in every facet of life. Look at what the Hebrews writer catalogues at the end of this chapter for the life of a vibrant Christian: obedience to leaders, intercessory prayer, honorable living, nurture and friendship, to name a few.

If prayer offers us the face of God and the necessary guidance of His hand, then we still have much to learn about prayer’s beauty and power. As other Christian gifts must be used in order to be appreciated, so prayer needs to be practiced. The person who prays is dependent on God, and in freedom knows peace and joy in Christ.

Calvin’s crest says, “My heart, O Lord, I give to You promptly and sincerely.”


Father, for Your Son and all His greatness we thank You. Keep us free in our service to Him. In His name. Amen.