New Life

Harry Buis

READ : 1 Peter 1:3-12

Glory awaits those who put their faith in Christ. We may not have an earthly inheritance, but our heavenly inheritance is wonderful beyond description.

In the meantime we live in this world. The Christians to whom Peter was writing were on the verge of experiencing terrible persecution. The hope of the glorious future was to give them strength to face the difficult present. These things would happen, not because God was powerless to stop them, but because He had a purpose for them. Part of the purpose was to test their faith, to prove it to be genuine.

So with us. We may not suffer persecution, but we will suffer heartaches and physical pain. When those times come, may they show that our faith is genuine. May we so live when tested that we bring honor to our Lord.

The assurance of heaven should enable us to deal with the difficulties of earth. The best is yet to come for the people of God, therefore in your trials find peace. I myself am 70 years old and minister to a number of senior citizens. What a difference between the way some handle the losses which come with aging and the way others do. May God cause our faith to be so strong when all is well, that we may be able to deal in a positive way with the difficulties that will surely come.


Father, may we be sure of heaven because we trust in Christ, and may that assurance enable us to face difficulties.