Harry Buis

READ : 1 Peter 1:13-21

God is a holy God, He is in a class by Himself, separated from sin. Being holy, He judges us by His holy standards (v. 17). Our case would be hopeless in that judgment were it not for Christ. He redeemed us, that is, bought us back from sin, not with some paltry price of precious metal, but by the infinite price of the shedding of His blood (vv. 18,19). May our lives be filled with gratitude for such an expression of His love for us.

What were we redeemed from? From an “empty way of life” (v. 18). How many people are living a life empty of meaning and purpose, trying to overcome their boredom by unwise activities. Let us show them the better way in Christ. May that witness not be undermined by inconsistent living.

What were we redeemed to? A holy life, one that is not sinful, but is dedicated to our wonderful Savior. We are redeemed that we might be “obedient children” (v. 14), doing what our loving Father wants us to do. This is for our good as well as the good of others. Obeying Him, we receive great blessings and avoid the pitfalls into which those all around us fall. Obeying Him, we show others around us there is a better way of living than many of them now have.


Father, we are so strongly tempted to sin. May your constant call to holy living encourage us to avoid sin. At the same time, help us attract sinners to Christ. In His name. Amen.