Harry Buis

READ : 1 Peter 1:17-25

According to verse 22, we are to obey the truth. We must first know the truth. We must also be concerned that all others in this world know the truth. The truth is centered in Christ. “Everybody ought to know who Jesus is.” Give generously to world missions. We invite you to support Words of HOPE broadcasts, which go forth in many languages in which the gospel has never been broadcast before.

Knowing the truth, we must obey it. Jesus says that we are to love all people, especially our fellow Christians. When the Bible commands us to love, it is not talking about sentimental liking. Biblical love is the determination to do what you can for others.

Here Peter, speaking of church members, says, “Love another earnestly from the heart.” How much harm is done by lack of such heartfelt love for the members of our own congregation. If we heeded this command, we would not engage in petty squabbles which take place in many churches. These are evidences of spiritual immaturity. They not only hurt people in the church, but usually those outside the church hear about them and the name of Christ is hurt. How can we expect people outside the church to be eager to enter when they hear of such things. Sometimes there are arguments over evangelistic programs, when a reputation for a loving fellowship would draw many more people in than any program.


Father, give us the grace to love each other. Amen.