Harry Buis

READ : 1 Peter 2:13-25

The Christian faith has been a force for freedom in the world. If people are created in the image of God, they ought not to be under the tyranny of man. However, the Christian faith did not make an immediate frontal attack on tyranny. It sowed seed, which in time bore fruit. In the meantime, the individual Christian was to submit to authority. Although the early church was slandered by the world around it, Christians were to prove their enemies wrong by the quality of the life they lived (v. 15). This is still our calling, to prove the truth of the faith by lives full of goodness.

Freedom is wonderful, but it can be so easily misused. When we are submissive to God (v. 16), we will use our freedom for doing good, not evil. Slavery was wrong, but a slave revolt in the first century would have been disastrous. So slaves were to be submissive even if their masters were evil. God commends suffering unjustly (v. 19). To suffer in this way is to be like Christ. Of course, God held masters responsible. How terrible it will be in the judgment day for people who treated other people like animals. It is true that we who are free are responsible to do what we can for all who are in any kind of bondage.

Christ is our example, we are to follow in His footsteps (v. 21). When He suffered, He put Himself in the hands of His heavenly Father. So must we.


Father, free all who are in bondage. In Christ. Amen.