Harry Buis

READ : 1 Peter 3:8-17

How shall we deal with evil? First of all, we must not repay evil for evil (v. 9). There will be times when people will hurt us. We must not seek to hurt them in return. God can punish them much better than we can. To refuse to seek revenge is a powerful witness to what God’s grace can do. The tongue can be a source of evil (v. 10). We must guard our tongues. It is so easy to say something unkind. Instead we must speak lovingly to others.

We must turn from evil (v. 11). Because of our sinful nature, it is easy to do wrong. Instead we are to determine to do good. We are to seek to live peacefully and to be peacemakers whenever we can.

The greatest motivation for avoiding evil is to realize that God is deeply concerned with our behavior (v. 2). God blesses those who do good. God is opposed to those who do evil. They may seem to succeed temporarily, but in the long run they cannot possibly succeed, for God is against them. Knowing this, we can accept difficult situations. Knowing this, we will avoid evil and do good.

What about you? As you consider what is said above, how should it affect the way you handle the situations which you are facing today?


Father, we struggle with evil around us and that which would well up in our own hearts. Be merciful and enable us to react as You would have us do. In Jesus’ name. Amen.