Harry Buis

READ : 1 Peter 5:5-11

The Bible emphasizes that we are to be humble. The realization that we are saved by grace alone, that we are unworthy sinners, should take away all our pride. We are not to be concerned with what other people think of us, but what God thinks. The Bible makes it very clear that God stands in opposition to all pride, and promises to pour out His blessing on the humble (v. 5).

God promises to reward humility, therefore we are to place ourselves in His loving hands (vv. 6,7). The humble are to be aware that a powerful personality is seeking to harm them (v. 8). We are to look to God to protect us against the devil, but we also have a responsibility. We are to resist him (v. 9). He not only tempts us to many forms of sin, he is also at work seeking to discourage us because of the difficulties in our lives (v. 9). Rather, we are to be encouraged because our faith is in an Almighty Father.

We can expect difficulties, but they will not last (v. 10). First the cross and then the crown. The best is yet to come for the people of God. It is not who is ahead at the end of the first inning that counts, but who is ahead at the end of the ninth. Because God has promised it, we can be sure that ultimately we will share in the complete victory of Christ.


Father, take away our sinful pride. Cause us to trust You completely. In Christ’s name. Amen.